Eternal Rose Flower Beauty And Beast Rose In A Glass Home Wedding Decoration Artificial Flowers For Decor Valentines Day Gift

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6 Colour Beauty And The Beast Red Rose In A Glass Dome On A Wooden Base For Valentine's Gifts LED Rose Lamps Christma

Product Description:

Material: glass, wood, plastic

Occasion: Valentine's Day, wedding, Party

Classification: Artificial Flowers


Product Size: 11.5 cm diameter*height 21.5 cm from the base

Power Supply: 3 AAA Batteries (not included)


1. Adoption of borosilicate glass of high quality, the display is clear and durable.

2. Powered by 3 AAA Batteries (not included). Low power consumption and long service life. Very comfortable to carry with you everywhere. Makes your room more interesting.

3. Rose is a symbol of Love, is ideal not only for gifts to loved ones, friends or Teachers, but also would be awesome as a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom.

4. Creates a bright and romantic Environment for your family dinner, wedding, Party, etc. Great for making Christmas Decorations.

5. Perfect for weddings, birthdays and gifts for Valentine\'s day or Christmas.


1. The item Preserved Rose Flower is made of superior rose material, high class flower and excellent clarity glass, and made by skilful technician.
2. Bright colors, never withered flowers, long life.
3. Different meaning of different colors, more meaningful
4. The best choice for holiday gifts
5. Application: Valentine's Day, holiday gifts etc.
How to maintain:
1. Do not expose the Preserved Fresh Rose Flower in overheated or strong light environment
2. Immortal flowers are very delicate. Do not often touch it.
3. No watering, or place Flower Preserved Roses under the sunshine directly.
4. If there is dust on the Flower Preserved, you may use a blower to blow it slightly with cold air.
5. Do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time if there is heavy humidity.
Size: 22cm High X 9cm Wide

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